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Another One for the Dustbin…

Here’s one more odd haiku to go with the others I wrote a few years ago.

Writing for Adwords
A lot like writing haiku
But you count letters


Maintenance Writing

And then there are days like today. The writing count was only a few dozen words, but they were needed. Going back through part of the chapter I finished yesterday, I decided one part needed a little more sense of place, so I went back in and added some material to paint more of a picture at a place where my fleeing fugitives stopped their car. The way I set it up, I hope it’s a nice counterpoint to the relationship of the two protagonists, although it could be too subtle for people to notice.

That’s the thing. When you’ve written a book, you never know what people are going to latch onto. They will miss things you thought were obvious and read meaning into things you didn’t think you put there.

Is this a great racket or what?

Also spent some time on the web doing some research for some things I need to know for Chapter 7, like “Is there a WalMart in Las Vegas, New Mexico?”

(Answer: yes. I guessed as much, but wanted to be sure. Odd thing, though. The aforementioned stopping spot that needed more atmosphere was made up on the fly, and there’s probably nothing like it on the road I imply it’s on. But it could be there. So technically I could say there is a WalMart in Las Vegas NM, even if there wasn’t, and it would be okay. But it wouldn’t. Yet the abandoned building was okay. Somebody explain this writer’s mind set to me. I can’t explain everything I do…)

Also studied up on campgrounds in the mountains around Santa Fe before I decided that I was perhaps over-researching things. I have done that before, too. For TCM I read an entire book about brewing beer to use in one a subplot and ended up cutting out everything but a passing reference to beer. Maybe it will come in handy in some project in the future.

So anyway, tonight was spent repairing and researching. Call it maintenance writing.

If I have a day like this after each chapter, then I should be done around the 21st of December. Again, we’ll see what transpires.

Miscellaneously, the haiku bug struck me again at work and I wrote four of them about the lovely, precarious relationship between an Advertising Agency and some of their more precious clients. I guess if this keeps up I’ll have to start a haiku page or something to keep track of them all.

Agency #3
Fill us with wisdom
O client, pontificate
How you know it all

NP – Weimarband, Sturm n’ Twang

Spam Haiku

But now that I think of it, I did do some creative writing today. While I was working on a project, a series of events led me to start scribbling haikus about spam – not the canned meat (although Spam Haiku is in great abundance on the web), but Spam as in unwanted e-mail. So between paragraphs of an article I was working on, I wrote a whole bunch – twenty-four to be exact – based on the different kinds of spam I’ve gotten. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.

So it wasn’t a total loss. Not that I was going to let it be a loss…

# 17
Thirty spams daily
I watch them fill my inbox
Where are all my friends?