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Facebook Fan Page: The Drive to 100

Having just noticed that the JCF Facebook Fan Page is a mere 14 people away from hitting the 100 mark, I am announcing yet another contest to give away one of my books.

When the JCFFbFP hits the 100 mark, I will open up my geek toolkit, remove two 10-sided dice, and toll up a number between 1 and 100. The corresponding person on the listing of Likes will receive his or her choice of the Beautiful Trade Paperback Edition of either A Death of Honor or The Mushroom Shift, personally autographed by yours truly and shipped with loving care by the United States Postal Service.

In addition, as a JCFFbFP liker, you will get JCF news first! The order things are usually announced is: 1) Facebook Fan Page; 2) this blog right here and my regular Facebook page, usually a week or two later; and 3), my wife, usually when she says, “And when did you plan to tell me about this?”

So click through and Like today! Hey, the odds are better than buying a lottery ticket!

And don’t forget, copies of The Mushroom Shift are also up for grabs in paper and Kindle editions as outlined here.