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The Home World #31

The Home World #31

The Home World #31


April Fool!

Every now and then I spring an April Fool’s joke in these pages just because… well, because it’s April Fools day. This year is no exception.

Hmmm, but you say this isn’t funny? Or even showing any signs of being a joke?

Well, that is because the joke has already been played. I’m just revealing it now.

What, you ask, is this prank that has already been pulled over unsuspecting eyes?

Well, that involves a slight trip into the past. Go here, click to play, and then listen. Carefully.

Meantime, apologies to Joe Pass, the Oscar Peterson Trio, and my old college roommate Danny Vaughan.

Smoooooooooth Jazz

When I was in college, one of my crowd was an aspiring jazz guitarist of considerable talent. And one of his guitar heroes was Joe Pass. Okay, I’m a few decades in coming around to my friend’s way of thinking, but here’s a video that shows why Pass is so revered. The fact that he’s playing with the redoubtable Oscar Peterson is mere icing on the cake.