The Smart One Voting Continues

This is continuing the plug for my new novel The Smart One, which is now up for nomination on Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. As mentioned in previous posts (but repeated in case this is the first time you’re seeing this, if you vote for the book now you’ll get a free copy of the e-book if I’m accepted. Plus, you don’t need a Kindle proper to read the ebook as you can read it by putting the free Kindle app on your smart phone, tablet, or computer).

So here’s what you’ll miss by not reading The Smart One:

Chapter 13: “Ordinarily,” VanDoren said, “I’d say it was too early. But it’s never to early for free beer.”

Chapter 14: “You kidding me? For you the high moral ground is a cesspool.”

Chapter 15: The car full of chemical smell, the one you got from overheated brake fluid or whatever it was.

Chapter 16: “I would tell you your woman troubles are over,” Dink said. “But really they’re not.”

Chapter 17: “This one of those things, your wife needs medical marijuana but can’t get a prescription?”

Chapter 18: Dink was trying to figure out how to get six bags of Yoda shaped tater tots into the freezer.

Chapter 19 (Today – bonus length!): “I still got this kubaton. Maybe you remember, didn’t end well for you last time. It won’t this time either, you don’t leave.”
“Don’t be so mean little si—”
“Don’t call me that.” Tightening her grip.
“Ma’am.” He yelped it.

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To be continued…


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