Another Shameless Plug for The Smart One

The Smart One
Lucky you! This blog is likely the only way you’ve connected with me on social media, so you haven’t been bombarded with my daily reminders that (*ahem*) my novel The Smart One is now up for nomination on Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. It means I also haven’t been constantly re-iterating that you only have thirty days to vote (less than that now), that you’ll get a free copy of the e-book if I’m accepted, and that you don’t need a Kindle proper to read the book when you win it (you can use the free Kindle app on your smart phone, tablet, or computer).

And what you’ve missed in these little missives is that I’ve been posting micro-excerpts – one liners, really – from successive chapters of the book, picking up with chapter 6 (because I posted the first one two three four five chapters here already) (more than in the Kindle Scout excerpt!).

But because I like and appreciate my blog readers, too, I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch you up with the scintillating prose you’ve missed in my marketing efforts (and if you want to see this stuff in real time, you can connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google +)

Here’s what you’ve missed:

Chapter 6: “Please. Next you’re going to tell me you’re on that caveman diet. You a hipster or something?”

Chapter 7: “Son, you know, Brad’s elevator, it does go to the top but has a lot of trouble getting there.”

Chapter 8: “Don’t you go all psycho on me. I was only checking up on you.”

Chapter 9: “I’m paying more than minimum, but not that much more. Christmas bonus a turkey and a bottle of scotch.”

Chapter 10: “But he always liked you, Dink. He said you were the smart one.”

Chapter 11: Dink wanting now to start hitting his head on the steering wheel to get him to stop, just stop.

Chapter 12 (Today – bonus length!): She reached in the pocket of the robe, pulled out a pack of Marlboros, pulled one out with her lips, offered him one.
Dink shook his head.
“What, you quit?”
“You knew?” Him being every bit of twelve when she was around.
“I was almost your mom. I wasn’t stupid. Well, you’re better off without them.”

With more to come in the following days…


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