Welcome to the Latest New Me, or, The War is Over and I Won

Welcome to the latest iteration of joecliffordfaust.com. All the woes chronicled in the previous post are in the past, and I’m now free to get on with my life.

The new look to this site is a landmark. It’s the first time since 1998 that I haven’t designed the site myself. After several versions, I got decent at HTML, but my design skills never improved. I did learn CSS, but my ability to wield it and my general design ideas were definitely stuck in Web 1.0.

So what does this new site bring to the table. First, categories, which I always wanted but could never get to implement on my custom FTP version. Tags came as part of this, too, and I decided to use those, even though I’m hard pressed to see the difference between the two.

Second, the content here has been incorporated. I’ve run a number of different blogs since 2002: this one, the previous version, which I unplugged at entry 1000, a blog about raising chickens, a blog about which books I’d read, and a blog featuring my web comic, The Home World. Most of this is now under this one title. The current blog was totally imported. The old Word Foundry blog was selectively imported – that is, I left out all the personal stuff and the entries with broken links (hopefully) and kept all the good stuff I’d written about writing (along with the good stuff that wasn’t about writing, like my entry about Dr. Seuss’ moss-covered left-handed family credenza, which was my top drawing page as of yesterday). All my book reviews are here, as are the Home World strips. The chicken blog didn’t make the trip, but it was about time for that one to be put into the cupboard for a while.

What’s not here – for the moment – is all the non-blog stuff that was on my web site as well – the pages about my novels and other odd features that you’ve come to love and be annoyed by. I’m slowly building them into the site – I’ve got some of the Novel pages up, and markers for everything else. I’d wanted to have it all ready to go when the time came for the conversion, but I found out about Blogger’s service cutoff late in the game, and then a good part of my recent blog fix time was spent in getting permission to migrate my own site (see previous post for that story).

But for the most part, I survived. And most of the old site will survive, too, in a cleaner interface that is also easy for me to maintain. Yay, WordPress!

In the meantime, I’m going to let the dust clear and then get on with what I was supposed to be doing when this migration business reared its ugly head.


What are your thoughts?

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