Are You Master of Your Domain Name? Are You Sure?

So there you are, sitting and doing your thing with your very own domain name.,, it doesn’t matter.  It’s yours, all yours.  And as you sit back getting ready to write your latest post, it is with smug self-assurance because you paid the powers-that-be at an Internet Domain Name Registrar, and all you have to do is periodically send them money to re-up and all is smooth sailing.

Yeah.  Right.  That was me.  Yesterday.

Today I’m a totally different me.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I happened to notice that Blogger was no longer going to support custom FTP URL’s at the start of this month, of which mine happened to be one.  Well, no problem, I thought.  I’d been wanting to redesign my website for a while.  I’d been looking at, and I was planning to go with a template, because while I know HTML and some CSS, I am far from what you would call a graphic designer.

I got my files together and imported enough of them that the new site would make a decent showing, with the plan of adding the missing pages as time went on.  Then I found my account number with the company I did my registration through and gave them a call, expecting a walk in the park.

More fool me.

Apparently my beloved Domain Name, which I originated and paid my own money for back in 1998, and for which I did an extended renewal in 2006, does not appear to be mine.  The Primary Contact is a construction company in the Carolinas, and the Account Technical Contact is some guy who is most definitely not me.  In answer to my “What gives?”, I was told by the rep, “Sometimes this happens.  The records get scrambled.”

Curiosity piqued, I asked another question.  “Is this a common occurrence?”

The answer, which came sotto voce: “It’s a lot more common than we like to admit.  The records are not in the good order that everyone thinks they are in.”

So now I’m in a mad dash to prove that I’m me so I can get my domain name back.  I’ve got to take care to make a just-so photocopy of my driver’s license so it faxes with no problem, and I’m scrambling to get a copy of a utility bill or insurance or credit card invoice because I need to prove “the business” (being Joe Clifford Faust) is mine – something easier said than done since I pay everything on the Internet now and have pretty much gone paperless.  But I will prevail.

Meantime, if you’re still sitting comfortably with your Domain Name, you might want to check and see if you have your driver’s license and a utility bill handy, and then dial up a course for the company who sold it to you.

Because things out in interwebland ain’t all they’re supposed to be.


What are your thoughts?

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