Just When You Thought There Was Nothing New, You Get Surprised

Today’s category is music videos. My wife tries to watch the VH-1 Countdown on Sunday mornings before we head for church so she can keep up with what is happening in the music world. Part of that is her profession – she teaches at a local college, and wants to know what her students are putting into their brains.

Me, I don’t care so much. I’ve never really floated down the mainstream of music. In fact, I’m drifting even farther down a tributary of stuff nobody has even heard of, pulling up great local and regional acts because they’re fresh, they’re new, and they don’t sound like anything else out there.

So I half-heartedly watch the video show, and ponder that maybe the age of the music video has stagnated. I was really starting to believe that the last group with any originality to their music videos at all was Eels, with their stunning videos for Novocain For The Soul and Last Stop: This Town.

Then I stumble across this video quite by accident, and my faith in human creativity gets restored. The concept is simple. Irish folk musician Fionn Regan performs his song Be Good or Be Gone live in a whole slew of odd places, and lets the ambient sounds hamper or enhance the performance. It’s great.

(Hmmm, the video refuses to imbed, so you’ll just have to go here to see it.)


3 responses to “Just When You Thought There Was Nothing New, You Get Surprised

  1. Sorry Joe, each time I click on a link, when I come back, it’s crossed out. But loved the song/video. I was as jaded re: new music as you were, but Wow.

  2. Glad you liked the video. Simple but effective, I say.Also, the crossing out of links is intentional. I programmed the site’s CSS to do that instead of the usual old color change. Gives it a kind of checklist feel, I think.

  3. Makes sense. Glad I didn’t mess anything up…

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