The Peril of the Prequel

No, I didn’t get to play Muggswigz on Tuesday. One of the dangers of my life as it is right now is that any plans I make can suddenly become null and void at the last minute. I’ve had to change some things around as a result, and I’m not exactly happy about it, but that’s the way things are. You’ll just have to continue to hear about my performances after the fact. Unless you decide to come and hang around the mid-Northeast-Ohio coffeehouse scene.

I don’t usually read fannish stuff or anything that even remotely resembles Fan Fiction, but this link came from a source I trust, Brian Briggs’ BBSpot, so I gave it a spin.

It’s a piece written by a Keith Martin of the UK, who goes through the mental gymnastics of rethinking Star Wars (that is, Episode IV: A New Hope) in light of all the revelations and plot contrivances in the first three episodes (i.e., the three crappy films that Lucas has released in the last few years).

It’s a well thought-out piece, and it shows what can happen to a perfectly good (well, acceptable, anyway) plot line and set of characters when you set about taking a literary time machine and tinkering with the past of established characters.

In other words, thanks to the sequels, what was left out of Star Wars retroactively damages the three older (newer) films by forcing a whole new series of unlikely roles on some of the characters. The whole thing becomes a huge conspiracy theory that rivals X-Files. Or the JFK assassination.

If all of that seems hard to comprehend, just read the article. It’ll all make sense, I promise. And after you read it, promise yourself that you’ll think twice – nay, three times – before you go prequelizing your characters.

George should’ve done episodes VII, VII, and IX instead.

Listening: Phish, Wolfman’s Brother (Slip, Stitch and Pass)


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