Micro Monday: “The First Commandment (A Christmas Story)”

He was reaching for the first stocking when he heard the call.


Then he saw him, radiant, glowing, carrying a sword with a blade made of blue-white light.

“Michael! What brings you here?”

“It’s all over. You’ve become more important than The Boss.”

“No! I never meant that to happen! You know that.”

Michael nodded. “But you’re a symptom. I have orders to bring you home…”

“Or else?”

“Or else.”

He sighed and dropped his sack. “All right, then. But will you indulge me one last mug of cocoa? One last cookie?”

Michael sighed. “For you? Sure.”

“Join me?”

A 100 Word Short Fiction Every Monday

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Pick it up on the night train
Down on the corner of rhythm and blues
Where I have met all of my boys since
Back in ’52

(via iTunes shuffle play)


One response to “Micro Monday: “The First Commandment (A Christmas Story)”

  1. Liked this one Joe. Hope you had a good one this year.

    Of course, now you need to write the sequel. You know, the one where Kris is replaced by a team of super robots and their AI goes bad and they attempt to take over the world…?


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