Everybody is a Writer #2

So now O.J. Simpson is doing a long interview on Fox News to plug his new book. The title? If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened.

There’s no accounting for taste, on both the part of O.J. and his publisher, Regan Books.

Incidentally, Regan Books is being strangely mute on their sponsorship of the book. I went all over their web site and couldn’t find any evidence that they are producing it, in spite of seeing them named as the guilty party by the New York Times.

And the really sad part is that I don’t think that the Goldman and Brown families have any recourse to stop this travesty – the Son of Sam law does not apply because Mr. Simpson is technically not a criminal, having been found innocent by a jury of sadly ignorant dupes his peers.

In the meantime, there is no truth to the rumor that the book O.J. originally turned in to Regan was titled My Search for the Real Killer, but was rejected because a) the manuscript was too short, and b) Regan does not publish fiction titles.

On my writing front, I plunged into the courtroom scene last night and edited ten pages. It was slow going because, as I said, I’m trying to tighten it up without taking out content. We’ll see what the final tally is overall when I get the changes into the computer.

I thought I was lucky
Oh I thought that I’d got it made.
How could I be so blind?

(via iTunes shuffle play)


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