Act One, Scene Three is edited, and the act is finished. Next up, the longest scene of the play, Act Two, Scene One. It’s the courtroom scene, and going by page count it would run about 45 minutes just by itself. The usual disclaimer about pacing applies, but I’m going to see if some judicious trimming can get it down by about one-third. I already know of a couple of things that can be taken out without harming the flow or the content. I just have to find more stuff like it. If what I’ve cut out of the first act is any indication, I shouldn’t have much of a struggle in finding material to delete.

I’m starting to get a little claustrophobic about the remaining time I have to get this edited, have a reading party, and incorporate any resulting changes into a third draft that will go to the play selection committee. My wife thinks I can pull it off, but I know how time gets sucked away during the holidays (this Saturday is shot, for starters, and a couple more between now and Christmas are already spoken for). If I can get the third draft done before Thanksgiving, I’ll be happy. Otherwise, I’ll be looking at getting it done in January, right up against the February deadline.

But hey, I bet I’d have it done before Saddam is hung.

Now that is a deadline.

I don’t want to go to Las Vegas
I like better Carson City
I’m like a dog for you
I just wanna be with you

(via iTunes)


What are your thoughts?

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