I Think I Could Get Into This Directing Thing A Lot

A whole lot. A whole fat lot.

We rehearsed last night for the first time on the hay wagon that has been skillfully and adroitly converted into a pirate ship by our assistant minister. It comes complete with three sails, a bow, a secret compartment, a ship’s wheel, a flag that changes from a Union Jack to a Jolly Roger, and places to hang backdrops that become the hero’s home (Episode 1) and a desert island (Episode 4). Coming soon to the ship: the name on the bow (“Terrible Misfortune”), a breakaway panel for a sight gag, a tiller (yeah, I know, but our youngest cast member was thrilled when I asked to have it put on just for her), a big backdrop, a few finishing touches, a removable plank for walkin’, and maybe some cannons painted into the sides.

We did scenes 4 and 5 first, since we didn’t get through them last time, then went inside (darkness and mosquitoes had set in) and did 1 through 3. The cast came together, and even though it’s rough, rough, rough, I can see where it’s starting to gel. With only a week and four rehearsals, it looks like it’s going to work, even though the performance will no doubt be rather ragged. If we had another two weeks to rehearse, it would be great. But we’ll make do. Next year we might have a month to rehearse, and might even be doing the same play – but that’s a story for another time.

What I can’t believe is how much fun I had directing this thing. It was fun on Sunday night, and I had a blast last night. Some of it was the joy of serving the Lord, I’m sure, but it was fantastic watching the cast start to work together and take initiative with their characters, bringing my words to life. Talking to the assistant minister about the ship set and what remains to be done with it. Throwing in sight gags and bits of business (like the tiller) for individual cast members. Just being around a bunch of enthusiastic people with great ideas of their own for making this whole thing work.

I’ve decided that this directing thing is all the fun of theater without having to memorize lines and go out in front of an audience. I don’t know… if it’s this much fun when I get the Christmas play to the community theater stage, I may never go back to acting.

I am now so incredibly psyched to get A Father Christmas finished and to the play selection committee that I can’t stand it.

This is great stuff. Great. Just great.

And in the meantime, between some Synergy songs popping up on the iPod Shuffle and my discovery of Sufjan Stevens, I’m ready to start listening to albums again. Maybe more on that later, too.

Sangamon River it overflowed
It caused a mudslide on the banks of the operator
civil war skeletons in their graves
They came up clapping in the spirit of the aviator

(via iPod Shuffle)


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