Three Down, Two Left

While discussing root canal yesterday, I failed to mention that I’d reached page 22 of The Terrible Misfortune. And then yesterday evening I made it over the hump, finished the middle episode, two to go, hitting page 33.

It’s going quickly now. It helps that I’ve been talking about building the set, and especially who will be in it, because now I’m starting to write little bits in here and there specifically for the young actors who will be in the show.

Two more days of writing. Then six days of directing. Then showtime. Then back to the Christmas play.

In other news, medicine taste from the root canal continues. Things that didn’t work at all: water. Other things that masked the taste but didn’t kill it: DQ Blizzard, Cheetos, Lipton Diet Iced Tea, Chicken Rivel soup, fresh peach. Things that seemed to knock it out, at least for a while: decaf coffee with double cream, Kidney bean salad (I think it was the onions in the latter). Maybe I can keep it covered up with gum and Ricola drops until it fades away.

(Hey, some day you may be grateful that you have this information. You may even be so happy about it that you’ll give me five million dollars.)

He came like a hero from the factory floor
With the sun and moon as gifts
But the only son you ever saw
Where the two he left you with

(via iPod Shuffle)


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