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A Father Christmas
Act Two, Scene One
Pages, 5/9/06: 1
Current Total: 96

Yeah, I guess I need to finish this, even though the impetus is off for this year. It’s sounding like the theater is going to do a youth production for their Christmas show this year, which is my own fault for not finishing sooner. But on the other hand, I didn’t forsee a sick mother, a wife with pneumonia and a twice-broken foot, and other elements of life in general getting in the way and gumming up the works.

On the other hand, I now have the luxury of time once again in getting finished and then doing a rewrite before presenting it to the play selection committee.

On the other other hand, I don’t want to kill the seven-month lead I now have on just this play. I’d like to be deep into working on something else by this time next year.

On the other other other hand, if the play gets chosen for the 07/08 season, I’ll just have to interrupt whatever I’m working on to direct it.

On the other other other hand… NO! There is no other hand!

Oops. Wrong show.

Anyway, only one page. But I did get to watch House, more or less.

Oh who will tie my shoe
And who will glove my hand
And who will kiss
My ruby lips when he is gone

(via iPod Shuffle)


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