Back to Where it All Started

Friday night when I got home from work, I found out my daughter was apprehensive about driving herself to rehearsal for the play she’s assistant directing. After all, it was not just any Friday night, but the evening of St. Patrick’s Day, probably the second most popular drinking holiday after New Year’s Eve. She batted her eyes and asked me to drive her in, reminding me that I had said I ought to start going to the theater with her and sit in the auditorium and write, since that’s how I started A Father Christmas.

(Besides that, the whole genesis of this project happened at this theater. I went to a Christmas show that my wife was in and was talking to another cast member after the performance. She commented that it was really hard to find a good Christmas show. Apparently most of them available are adaptations of A Christmas Carol, or a general goof on the holiday, or are older than dirt. I thought to myself, “I bet I could write a good contemporary Christmas play.” And after sending the idea back, it kept returning with friends until I finally started work on it.)

So I unplugged the iBook and went. And nailed down some good writing time. It was a real inspiration to be able to look at the stage – even if it was set for an entirely different play – and “see” my set and the actors on the stage.

So Friday I got three pages – but it was heavy going. The opening statements of the lawyers for both sides of the court case, so it was long and text heavy.

A Father Christmas
Act Two, Scene One
Pages, 3/17/06: 3
Current Total: 78

I worked on taxes Saturday, but Sunday I carved out a couple of hours in the afternoon and batted out more pages. For some reason, it felt like I had written ten, but the number was actually half that. No problem, still five more pages than I had before I started. The lawyer for the plaintiff questioning same.

Act Two, Scene One
Pages, 3/19/06: 5
Current Total: 83

Hopefully I’m rolling again. I’ve got a commitment tonight, but tomorrow… well, let’s just say that House is not on tomorrow, so the odds are looking really good.

Endless nights on an endless sea
Where nothing lives between us
Just the breakers on the ocean
Separating you and me

(via iPod Shuffle)


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