Fooling Yourself

Back in the old typewriter days, there was nothing more satisfying to me than to watch the finished pages pile up on my desktop. It was a great motivator for me.

Now that it’s all on screen and I have to squint to find the page count, I, like many other writers, have to find other ways to motivate myself to sit down and do the deed.

One productivity (or actually, motivational) trick that I frequently use on myself is, “I don’t feel like writing tonight, but I told myself I’d write at least one page a day, so I’ll do it.” And usually, by the time I get the “one page” written, I’m on a roll and keep going.

Just imagine, then, what you could do if you harness this page or this five minutes. Keep in mind the words of Anthony Burgess, who consistently wrote 1,000 words a day, 365 days a year: “I write a thousand words a day. At that rate you’ll write War and Peace in a year…or very near the entire output of E.M. Forster.”

The key is to move ahead, move ahead, move ahead.

The way I see it
This relationship ain’t right
The space between us
Listen here, listen
Better close it up tonight

(via iPod Shuffle)


What are your thoughts?

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