From Saturday:

JCF’s Christmas Play
Act One, Scene Three
Pages, 1/7/06: 3
Current Total: 64

No more excuses. I really want to get this play finished. And I really need to get it finished. For me, even if it never gets produced. All the dialogue is there in my head, and the only way to get it out of circulation is to get it written down.

Once again, my ability to write around interruptions came in handy. They were constant. I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted to – another page or two and I think I would have finished the first act – but I managed to make the transition in the scene from funny to serious as the conflict comes to a head.

I’ve also decided to end the act on more of an emotional cliffhanger than what I originally planned. My first idea was to have the courtroom scene be the last scene before intermission. I wanted people to talk about what the judge’s decision would be while they waited for the second act to start.

However, it became evident that this would result in something like a 90 minute first act and a 30 minute second act. It could be done, but I wanted the show to have a little more balance.

The next idea I had was to build a “sub-scene” into the end of Act One, Scene Three. This would provide a transition that would set the scene for the courtroom business at the beginning of Act Two.

But Act One is building to such a nice climax right now that I think the transition scene would detract from the emotional impact that I’m building up to. So now the transition will come at the beginning of Act Two and segue right into the hearing before the judge.

It’s all there in my head. All I need is the time to get it down.

Well I’ll be your Burton
If you’ll be my Liz
There might be flying pigs
In another life

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