Speaking of Dreams…

My wife was up before I was this morning and heard me laughing in my sleep. So she woke me up and asked me what was so funny.

It was this: I was dreaming that I was looking at shovels in a hardware store, and the brand name of one of them was “Manure Queen.”

She laughed.

(What I didn’t tell her is that while she was out of the room there was something else I woke laughing at. I dreamed that Loni Anderson kissed me and my reaction was, “Boy, this makes me want to see some WKRP in Cincinnati reruns.” Probably because I always thought that the Jan Smithers character was more attractive.)

((It’s the Maryann Effect, which I define thusly: Given a television show wherein two women are in an informal competition for the attention of the male characters, male viewers as a majority will find the one who is supposed to be “plain” more attractive – as opposed to the “glamor queen.” So named after Maryann of Gilligan’s Island. What does that tell you about Hollywood’s perception of what men like?))

Hmmm… Glamor Queen… Manure Queen… interesting leap.

Listening: Guster, “Either Way” (via iPod Shuffle)


What are your thoughts?

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