Moving Ahead (Slowly)

JCF’s Christmas Play
Pages, 10/15/05: 4
Pages, 10/16/05: 2
Current Total: 37

Moving ahead during the last two nights of Anne Frank, the progress slowed a bit by backstage games of Hearts and Euchre between myself and the other three Nazis. The principals in the conflict are all set and in place, and this second scene is the setup for what will become the actual conflict in Scene Three. I was looking at a fourth scene to take the tension and carry it through intermission into Act Two, but I figured out a way to pull it off without having to break a third time.

One of the things I’m doing in this play – and this could no doubt be changed by the whims of any particular director – is to blur the lines between scenes. What I have in mind for Scene Three does this, and my initial idea for Act Two Scene One might tread along the same lines. I’m going to write it in and see how it works out when I get to the directing stage.

More writing tomorrow. Might be abbreviated due to guitar practice. And on Tuesday, no writing. Muggswigz gig.

Listening: Iron Chef America (iBook on lap in living room with wife)


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