Bad News From Home

Part One

Talk about a dream not to be wakened from. The other night I dreamed I was working at Best Buy, and that I was paged to take a phone call. It took me a while to find a phone I could use (in the dream, they turned off their unattended phones), and when I did, Neil Diamond was on the other end, saying, “Hey, I’ve seen your stuff. You need to come out so we can work together.”

Waking or asleep, I’m not really a Neil Diamond fan. In the dream I thought, “What is he talking about?”

He said, “I saw the letter you sent to the radio station.”

I think, “What letter to what radio station? And how do I work with this guy – on what – when I’m not really a fan?”

Then I hear my daughter’s voice calling me. I’m trying to juggle thinking and Neil Diamond on the end of the phone and she calls me again, this time waking me up.

So I kidded her about waking me from the wrong dream. I’d at least liked to have heard him talk money.

The weird thing about it: the next day I saw an ad on TV for a Neil Diamond concert in Cleveland – his first tour in a gazillion years. Is that weird or what?

Part Two

I never posted about the Michael Jackson trial because I didn’t want to waste the bandwidth on the man. But now that the trial is over, I might as well comment.

I guess I should have commented earlier. My prediction was that he would walk because the wrong family, the absolute worst family possible, was pushing the case. The prosecution was left holding a bunch of short straws. And the conspiracy charge was a big mistake. I know it should have been seen as a separate charge (as all 10 charges should have been), but it was the most tenuous and shouldn’t have even been included.

Not to say that Jackson is innocent. I think he is guilty, guilty as sin. That’s why it’s such a shame that it had to be this family to press charges. Like OJ, he got away with it.

Other predictions.

Look for Jackson to leave the country. France is pedophile friendly. Jackson could move in next door to Roman Polanski.

The next big lawsuit involving Jackson will not be the civil suit. It will be from his defense lawyer trying to collect the rest of his fee.

Part Three

Bad News From Home Department: The younger brother of the friend who was best man at my wedding nearly 25 years ago died in Gillette, Wyoming last week. He was 45. Details are non-existent. I didn’t really share any interests with him, but got to know him through his brother. I feel bad for his brother, and for his parents especially. Anymore I don’t think parents in Western civilization are wired to think about outliving their children, infant and child mortality figures being what they are now.

I was thinking about all of this on the commute to work this morning when the song Why Worry by Dire Straits popped up in rotation on the iPod Shuffle. This was the song that, years ago, I’d always play when driving from Gillette to see my dad when he was in the VA hospital in Sturgis, SD.

It was all I could do to keep from crying.


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