More Housekeeping(CSM #1 – Day 2)

Before encapsulating the day’s writing, I should mention that my review of Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money is now posted on the Book Blog.

I also want to point you back toward Cindy Harrison’s A Writer’s Diary. She’s been working hard, struggling to finish her current WIP, and is on quite a writer’s journey at the moment. Over the weekend she discovered the importance of writing at least one page a day and then reached an important turning point in her work. Good stuff, live as it happens.

As for me, today I thought I’d get into some gunplay, but didn’t. I’ll hit it tomorrow, no doubt. I should also take this time to point out a valuable resource that I found while doing research for tonight’s writing stint. This is for those of you who write mysteries and thrillers and other genres of book that deal with the physical bulk of money as an issue. After years of seeing “one million dollars” crammed into briefcases, gym bags and duffels, one man decided to find out for himself just how much space is taken up by said amount of money. The result of his research is here at How Much Money is Inside a Million Dollars? It’s funny and useful at the same time.

So working with my protagonist and a briefcase full of money that does not amount to a million dollars got me this far tonight:

Today’s Progress
1297 Words (2404)
5 Pages (10)

NP – iTunes Shuffle Play (Charlie Peacock, Big Man’s Hat)


What are your thoughts?

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