“What… the curtains?”

Speaking of the REVISIONIST HISTORY button on Blogger, I had to use it tonight. I somehow miscalculated last night’s page count, and it really threw things off tonight. So I fixed it and everything is spinning in the proverbial greased groove now.

Meantime, I faced and overcame something I had been worried about for a while. I needed to have a character come in and get in a fight with another without revealing to the reader who it was until the last sentence of the chapter. I’d been wondering how I could pull this off. I thought about having it happen in subdued light, but the character who was being attacked kept going through the house turning on lights.

In the final moments leading up to the appearance of the mystery character, things worked themselves out. The mystery character enters rather forcefully through a window, and in doing so gets tangled up in the drapes. This effectively conceals their identity for the duration, until what is hopefully the dramatic conclusion of the chapter.

It really makes me wonder. When I wrote the description of the house weeks ago, my mind’s eye had me describe the drapes because it was a good way to reveal the character of the people who lived in the house. Had my subconscious figured out that I would need those drapes and put them in the description – or did I see the drapes as I was writing and decide on the fly to use them?

It could have been the former, but I’d almost bet on the latter. That’s part of the magic of writing. Hey, at least I didn’t have to go back and write them into the scene.

I think it was Anton Chekhov who said that, if you’re describing the setting of a play, and you have a gun hanging over the mantle, then you better use the gun during the play.

I wonder what he would have thought of this thing with the drapes.

Today’s Scorecard
And/News – Chapter Eighteen (Finished)
617 pages (+7)
135,044 words (+1390)

NP – Nothing. I was going to turn on iTunes, but I forgot.


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