The Plan (for now)

Yeah, that was the right decision. You could probably tell I’d been poking along lately when dealing with the book, struggling to find some impetus to bat out what appears to be the last third of And/News. Now I realize that the motivation at that point was the new book behind it, shoving its way to the front, demanding to be written.

Now that Jamais Vu is on deck, the old And/News chestbuster is back, and I can’t wait to get home and do the finger dance on the keyboard.

It was also the right decision to rewrite Jamais Vu from the start. On the short drive to pick up some lunch, the outline and voice for chapter one popped into my head. I was so excited about it that I bought a notebook and pen “to make notes” (the sudden desire to buy office supplies is a sure sign that the alignment of things is right).

Here’s what’ll probably happen now. While working on And/News, I’ll probably use odd moments to “pre-write” the first chapter. Pre-writing is something I have done many times – I get an idea for a novel that seems ready to go, and I write the first chapter (often under odd circumstances), then set it aside, making notes on plot and character, until it’s time to write it. I can’t really explain why I do that, but it happens a lot. Maybe its my subconscious seeing that I get a jump start on the new project (“Hey, I don’t have to even write the first chapter – all I have to do is type it into the computer!”).

More details as they come.

Oh yeah, I also finished Chapter 14 tonight. Happy side effect.

Today’s Scorecard
Chapter 14
484 Pages (+4)
106904 Words (+766)

NP – iTSP (XTC, “River of Orchids”)


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