Bonus Features

Regular readers of this space know my oft-evoked sentiment that the single most important muscle of a writer’s body is the gluteus maximus – and how it belongs in a chair in front of a keyboard.

Well, my GM is really tired tonight from sitting in a chair that is not my usual, pushing to get the last bits of formatting on HI done so my daughter can start putting in the copy edits.

And finish it I did. And I’m glad that part is through. Now I can get on with other things.

The only thing that really remains is the bonus material. That’s going to come in two-flavors. First, a short story I wrote after finishing off BD, called Miss February, which takes place in the Pembroke Hall universe by virtue of the fact that it features Love Slave Robotettes. There’s no mention of Boddekker, Honnikker in Accounting, Ferman McKluskey, or anything else Pembroke Hallish. It’s an interesting artifact that gives a little insight into how I work.

The other item will be an essay about how the story came to be divided and reunited, and if I can think of any amusing anecdotes from when I was writing it, I might include them. It’ll also explain in a little more detail how Miss February fits into the scheme of things, creative-wise.

There’s a third item I’d like to include, but I’m not even going to try because of the legal baggage that is no doubt involved. I think it would be cool to include a copy of Ian Corson’s screenplay of the books. It was getting a lot of buzz as it was being shopped around, and I think it’s a fascinating look at how something gets converted to use for film – especially since it was based on something I was extremely close to. However, I think the script is still being used as a marketing tool, and there are probably other legal considerations involved, so the world will have to simply go without it. For now.

So flirting with the essay and making sure that the short story is ready to go is next on the list. But that’s not going to be an all-consuming project like this reformatting was. I’m busy tomorrow, but Thursday I’ll likely get back to work on And/News for a while and see how much of that I can get out of the way.

NP – iTSP (Clanaad, “You’re The One”)


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