Good Parts First?

I did a bad, bad thing.

Well, okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad.

I started chapter fourteen today.

It was kind of accidental. My daughter had a competition today, one that entailed a lot of waiting around. So I took the iBook with me so I could work on some other things.

However, before falling asleep last night – and when I woke up this morning – some lines of dialogue popped into my head for the beginning of 14 that I wanted to jot down before I forgot. So I opened And/News and typed them in.

I got all of the good stuff written down that was in my head and before I knew it, I was writing connective bits of dialogue to get it to fit together. By the time I had to quit I had written six pages.

I probably would have gotten more done if I had just sat down and written it all as a normal writing session. See, sometimes I talk to would-be authors who don’t finish things, and they say when they try to write a book or story, they write all of the “good parts” first.

I disagree with this approach. First of all, if you write all of the good parts first, you have nothing to look forward to. Second, if you write all the good stuff first, you may have trouble remembering what you’ve written where and repeat yourself. Part of my slowness in writing today, besides the fact that I was “merely jotting a few notes,” is that in connecting all the bits of dialogue, I wrote in things that I had already written and had to go back and fix them. For example, one of my notes described a character looking into a vanity mirror in a van. When writing the connective material I put in a reference to it before it had actually happened.


Basically, my argument remains: Why write all the good parts first and then suffer through doing all the connective tissue at the end? For me, writing the book as it will be read makes the joy of writing the Good Stuff all the more reward for making myself write the connective stuff – and making a good job of it while I’m there.

Now I have to work out whether I quickly finish writing chapter fourteen before embarking on the assembly process of Handling It.

Today’s Scorecard
Chapter Fourteen
449 Pages (+6)
99415 Words (+1026)

NP – iTunes Shuffle Play (Joe Jackson, “Angel (Lust)”)


What are your thoughts?

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