A Brief Respite

My face got a rest last night. We apparently did so well with Wednesday’s rehearsal that the director gave us last night off to rest and recuperate and work a little more on the words. Either that, or he saw how frazzled we were getting from rehearsing and decided that rest would be better than piling more practice on. Whatever the case, I’m grateful.

I didn’t do much more than vegetate last for a while. Then I changed the strings on my guitar and went through as many of my originals as I could think of, and worked out a progression for a new song whose title and concept keeps changing. It’s gone through two incarnations as a kind of goofy song, but who knows where the roulette wheel of creativity will stop.

So we open AGYG tonight. I can feel the stage fright starting up already. I always get it, and opening night is always the worst. It about kills me to stand backstage and wait… but when I take that first step out onto the stage, it vanishes.

Luckily, I get to go out on stage without doing anything important first since I’m also doubling as a townsperson in the first scene. By the time I’m done with that, I’ll be due for my transformation into Sitting Bull, with no time to spend on getting nervous again.

I think.

NP – Madonna, Ray of Light


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