Sitcom Dad Strikes Again

A night off from rehearsal – huzzah!

I tried to be productive and was, but would have been moreso if I hadn’t done the typically Sitcom Dad thing of creating a small flood in the kitchen while in the process of thawing out the pipes under the kitchen sink. Some men complain about the dimbulb dad stereotype that is found on most TV shows nowadays, but as long as there are guys like me in the world, the archetype will thrive.

This morning I spoke in two sessions to several eighth grade English classes at my daughter’s school. I used And/News as an example of how the creative process works, telling them the radical notion that one idea is not enough for a novel… you need several that cling to each other and are or become interrelated. And I mapped out on the chalkboard all of the different ideas I had that contributed to the genesis of the project. Separately they were all simply notions, but put them all together and they become a full-fledged idea.

I think it went over well. The two sessions of combined classes were very well behaved considering they were made up of antsy eight graders.

As for tonight’s work, Richard and K just made a key discovery, one that they are only beginning to realize the implications of. I’m on the back half of the novel now, and this discovery is what will propel them into the tightening spiral as the book spins into its thrilling climax.

Hey. That isn’t half bad. I should save it for dustjacket copy. Maybe I ought to look into becoming a copywriter.

Today’s Scorecard
Chapter Twelve
381 Pages (+8)
85179 Words (+1581)

NP – David Gray – Sell Sell Sell


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