He decided immediately that he would be up the rest of the night, eyes open, fighting the arousal that came from having a woman lying against him. But he wouldn’t realize until morning that even the song of the coyote was an effective lullaby for someone who was cold and tired and scared.

Chapter Eleven is done. The paragraph above is how I ended it. I’ve surprised myself by putting it on here since I am so paranoid about letting information out about what I’m doing. But I’m really happy with that closing paragraph because it was one of those things that came to me in the writing. I wasn’t sure how the chapter would end, other than with Richard and K lying in the tent, her asleep, him holding her and unable to sleep. This bit simply grew out of the writing, dictated by the direction the scene was going in, augmented by the different background details.

Now here’s the really odd thing. Next week I’m speaking to a couple of classes about writing at my daughter’s school. I’d just gotten an e-mail tonight from the teacher with a list of suggested topics to hit on. One of her suggestions was to touch on how setting effects plot. I looked at that one and thought, “Have I even done that?” I supposed I had, but couldn’t think of any examples. I guess my subconscious was really working on that one, because I wrote up a dandy example tonight.

Maybe I’m becoming more aware of the way I work. Having the speaking engagement certainly had something to do with it, but I think this blog is more influential in that area. Having to write every night about what I’ve done has put me in closer touch with things that I was doing instinctively, things that I’ve been doing for years as a writer. I see now that I actually did know what I was doing all this time.

I just didn’t know that I knew.

Today’s Scorecard
Chapter 11
358 Pages (+5)
79725 Words (+1207)

NP – The Verve – “Bittersweet Symphony” (via iTunes)


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