The Midlist Uprising

Sunday I was asleep by 9 p.m. Later yesterday, but I managed to sleep in a little before getting up and dashing to work. This morning’s shower brought not brilliant additions to And/News, but ideas for direct mail pieces for two different work clients… ideas that so far had eluded me. So I feel like I’m hitting on all eight cylinders now. Maybe it was just a matter of getting enough rest.

It looks like it’s time for the midlist authors to rise up and be counted. According to this article in the Washington Post, bestselling authors such as King, Clancy, Grisham and Crichton are seeing their sales figures plummet. Interviewees blame it on the high price of hardcovers, which I’m sure is a factor, but let’s face some facts. King has been coasting for years; Clancy now has King’s disorder (bloatus literarius sans editorialus); Crichton may still be in form, but he hit a nerve when writing about dinosaurs, which took him to his peak; and I don’t know about Grisham – after seeing the promise in A Time To Kill, I gave up after it was squandered in The Pelican Brief. My prescription for this situation? Time for some new faces with lower cover prices on the bestseller lists. I’m available; call my agent.

Today’s OneWord is faith:

what to believe, he thought. why believe it? what was there out there. he crawled out of bed to the window. it snowed last night. well, faith in something, he thought. faith that the snow came down and covered the dead leaves, the barbecue, the koi ponds. no doubt the koi didn’t believe in snow. the

The koi were going to be described as being under the ice, waiting out the winter, almost in suspended animation, but I hit the time limit before I could get there. That’s why this is a great exercise. Sixty seconds is at once too much and not enough time.

NP – Ben Folds Five, The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner


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