Outline Work

Tonight was Parent/Teacher Conferences, postponing for the umpteenth time my guitar night with Randy. I am quite happy writing at the moment and haven’t felt pressed to play recently, but I miss it, and I miss getting together with Randy… so perhaps next week. Meantime, there’s an Alvarez in the bedroom that no doubt feels neglected.

With the remainder of the time I had tonight, I started going through the Reconciled Outline and getting it into shape. This is going to be a pain-in-the-neck process, I can tell, but I’ll be a more efficient writer as a result. I think what I will do from now on is keep the running outline as a separate document, simply cutting and pasting into the manuscript a chapter at a time. When I get changes or ideas, I’ll jot them at the end of the manuscript like I usually do, but then I’ll put those comments at the appropriate point in the running outline right away. That way I can save myself the annoyance of reconciling the thing.

I did some research earlier about Wicca in an attempt to get a better handle on the female character and found some incredibly useful information on the Internet. I wasn’t interested so much in the rituals, having researched that aspect earlier, but was looking for motivations for women to become involved with Wicca. Found some discussions on both sides of the fence that really made sense, and all of a sudden everything fell into place with the woman’s motivation and character. It was like whole great pieces of her past fell into place for me. It was all I could do tonight to make myself work on getting the outline put together instead of charging ahead with Chapter 10.

But plug away at the outline I did. I started with the “Retro” notes section, which consists of notes for things I had already written. There were just a couple of things to insert into the later couple of chapters, but once more a judgment is coming. For part of Richard’s character, I’m thinking about having him make references to movies all the time, which sets up a payoff that comes later. I’m not sure, though. It’s weird, but so far all the movie references in the manuscript were made by the woman. It’s an interesting irony. Maybe I can make something out of that. I’ll have to think about it.

So I ended up the night with the info for Chapters 10 and 11 done, and another page worth of material inserted into various points of the book. Reconciling the chapters is going quickly, though, and I’m thinking one good day of work will put an end to that. Then I can simply add as I go.

I am really excited about the results of that research today. I can’t wait to dig in and finish the book. It may be my best yet, and it may be The One…

Today’s Scorecard
Various Chapters – Retro Work
291 pages (+1)
67483 words (+225)

NP – David Gray, A New Day At Midnight


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