Reconciled Outline

Here’s a Halloween nightmare for you:

Saturday night after a Halloween party, I dreamed that Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door. I went out to discuss religion with them, and I realized that I was talking with Stephen and Tabitha King.

I guess we know what he’s doing in his retirement now.

Saturday I reconciled my outline. I was going to wait until chapter nine was finished, but it’ll be a couple of days before the replacement parts I bought on eBay arrive, so…

I ended up not doing it the way I had planned. I took all my pages of random notes and snippets of dialogue, etc., and cut each note into its own strip. Then I put them onto a piece of paper headed with each of the set pieces left in the book: “Current,” “Vic and Ray,” “Los Angeles,” and “The Mansion.” I did the same with pages of my running outline and the remainder outline. Then I took each pile and put them into order, separating them by chapters as I went.

I was going to paste these onto order on sheets of paper, but decided that was an extra step. So until the new motherboard arrives, I’ll bring the Powerbook home from work to get the reconciled outline all typed up. When the 6500 is working again, then I’ll replace the existing running outline with the reconciled version.

Any random ideas I get between now and completion of the book I will write directly into the reconciled outline, at the point where they belong. Hopefully.

(Written 11/3/02 on my Palm III)
(Cut and pasted into Blogger on 11/4/02)


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