I suspected this might happen.

I got a lot of writing done today.

One of my gifts as a writer is that I can write excellent action sequences. I can see them played out in my head, and when I get to action in one of my books, I’m on auto pilot, simply moving my fingers as fast as I can to transcribe what I see happening.

As a result, on days when I am writing action scenes, I tend to forget about time and surroundings. And I write quickly, faster than normal, perhaps.

So in contrast to the last couple of days where it was a struggle to get words into place, today I sat down and moved my fingers on the keys and all of a sudden I had five pages.

And I was just getting started…

I even had space enough to try another technique. I would say I came up with it because I can’t think of a book where I’ve seen it done, but I’m sure it has been done before. So I’ll just say it was one of my discoveries today.

See, it’s not enough for me to just write books. When I pick a new project, it’s to try to stretch myelf as a writer; there are too many authors out there repeating themselves. I don’t want to do that. By pushing the envelope a little, I feel that I make myself a better writer.

One of the stretches I used today was sensory deprivation as a dramatic device to enhance suspense. I put my protagonist in a completely dark room, and then relied on exaggerated sounds and other sensations to generate suspense. And it turned out rather nicely if I do say so myself.

So at the end of the writing day, I had racked up 17 pages. Technically, though, there are only 16, because the last page of the chapter only has three lines on it. One of the flaws of going by page number, which is why I complement the scorecard with word counts.

Now I can end the writing week guilt free. And I even have a good start on chapter eight. When I finish a chapter, I usually set the document up for the next chapter last thing so I don’t have to do any messing around when I start with the next day’s work. That’s when I found I didn’t want to stop. The auto pilot didn’t want to shut down, and I wrote the first three or four lines of dialogue that begin chapter eight before I made myself quit.

Finishing a chapter always makes me feel like I need a day off. So I’m really glad that I finished this one on a Saturday.

See you Monday.

Today’s Scorecard:

Chapter: 7
Page: 225 (+17*)
Words: 52902 (+3893)

NP – Marillion, Clutching At Straws


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