The Delayed Flashback

I did just enough writing to save face tonight.

It was a long day. I’m on the board of a local Christian grade school and we had a meeting tonight to talk over fundraising. I thought about blowing off the session at the computer, but then I remembered my “just write one page” rule and sat down to write just one. Then as I got going, I decided that I should write three because that would give me a total of ten pages in two days, meaning I kept up with my usual average output.

So that’s what I did.

I also tried a new writing technique, the delayed flashback. Twelve hours pass between the end of chapter six and the place I chose to begin seven. Instead of putting the flashback at the beginning of the chapter, I waited for the scene I started to play out and then went back to briefly cover what happened in that twelve hours. It’s information the reader needs to know, but nothing so dire that it required pulse-pounding narrative to do it. And like yesterday, there was some Filler Effect because I figured out how to use it as a transition to set up the action scene that I will write tomorrow or the next day.

Today’s Scorecard:

Chapter: 7
Page: 200 (+3)
Words: 47301 (+828)

NP – Stan Ridgway, Anatomy


What are your thoughts?

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